Positive Steps Towards Earth Regeneration

Positive Steps Towards Earth Regeneration

1) Simplify and streamline your true needs and wants to reduce personal and planetary pollution, depletion, and stress.

2) Visualize a world of health and beauty, with natural and non-toxic homes, gardens, orchards, farms, forests - the potential for global abundance and peace between Man (female and male) and Nature, Man and Man, and stabilization of the deteriorating eco-climatic system by the regeneration of soils and all soil-dependent life forms. Also, the simultaneous creation of just and cooperative socio-economic systems for the complete regeneration of humanity and the Earth. Is this what we want, and are we willing to work for it?

3) Reduce - Re-use - Recycle - Revere: Be conscious of all our relationships to natural possessions and all the gifts of the Earth and human skill, artwork, and technology.

4) Remineralize: Soils need all the biologically essential minerals - 30 or more known to date - to be healthy and fertile and full of life and their naturally productive health-giving powers. Mixed rock, such as most gravels, can supply all these and up to 92 mineral elements when crushed or ground to powder. Here is the foundational material with which to regenerate the Earth, if given very generously by us, technologically advanced Homo sapiens or "Wise Man." Soils also require return of the organic matter which soils produce, whether as compost, green manure, mulch or other bio-assimilable forms to feed the soil organisms their complete natural diet of inorganic rock minerals plus organic matter.

5) Reforest and Re-green: Less than half the dwindling number of trees grow now that grew in 1950, and most grow less vigorously due to further demineralization/acidification of soil, insect/disease epidemics, polluted skies and toxic fallout, the slicing and dicing and burning of once-intact ecosystems, and deteriorating climate marked by destructive extremes of all kinds. Unless we want to invite in the next glacial period - which may already be knocking on the door - or at best a continued trend of worsening climate extremes, we need to "plant for our lives" and the life of this interglacial Biosphere. We'd be very wise to reduce CO2 levels from over 370 ppm back down to the normal interglacial level of about 280 ppm by re-greening much of Earth's surface.

6) Eat plenty of mineralized-organic produce from your own garden and orchard so your mind and body can be strong and disease-free. Find out what are the healthiest and ecologically best ways of eating and living, and free yourself and the Earth of unhealthful practices.

7) If it is true that "Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe" (H.G. Wells), then let us all cooperate to advance our own learning and growth in all important areas, and share in this with all who are willing. Possibly we can still win this race and co-create a true civilization which respects all living things, and regenerates rather than destroys the Biosphere out of which it grows.

By authoring, with the late John Hamaker, THE SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION, and authoring/compiling TO LOVE AND REGENERATE THE EARTH, I think I/we have made a crucial contribution to this educational process. By giving them away for free online at www.remineralize.org, we wish to give the maximum number of people the opportunity to find out.

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