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The purpose of Common Sense Survival Guides (book & web site) is to make information available that will aid in the savings of lives due to natural and human disasters. At one time or another in life we all face a situation that puts us in a survival situation. Hopefully you will find the information useful and are urged to share the knowledge. This site makes much of the informaiton available for free as a public service.

The guides included within this publication are in no way intended as legal, financial, professional, or medical advise. Read these guides and use your own power of choice to make the best common sense decision suitable to your own belief system. You, the reader, must take responsibility and this writer specifically disclaims any loss or liability resulting from the use or non-use of this information. As intelligent human beings, we need to take responsibilty for our own actions or non-actions and quit the blame game. Use at your own risk. Become a response-able being!

Many thanks to the process of life and the experiences that made this book possible. The material in this book was collected over a long period of time. The book has a list of all known references. Many of the original sources are unknown or lost to the writer. Sources are appropriately cited. I wish to thank all the original authors, whoever they may be, and with the confidence that they urge, " Do not inquire as to who said this, but pay attention to what is said." I would like to especially thank the American Medical Association, Random House, Federal Emergency Management Authority, United States Geological Survey, United States Forest Service, Elko County Library, Elko County School District, R.E. McMaster Jr., Julian Snyder, and Scott Anger.

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