HAZARD HUNT- Identify potential dangers in the home using common sense, fore-sight, and your imagination to reduce risk in the event of an earthquake. Take active security measures, surveying the home for possible hazards. Take steps to correct and secure these hazards, reducing risk.


1) Tall heavy furniture which could fall; fix it to a wall.

2) Hot water heaters that can fall away from pipes and rupture need to be anchored to a wall. Use flexible gas line connectors.

3) Appliances that can be moved can break electrical or gas lines and must be anchored to a stable location with flexible connections.

4) Be sure heavy mirrors or picture frames are placed away from beds and mounted securely to the wall.

5) Cabinets containing breakable items should have latches and heavy objects should be placed low to the ground.

6) Flammable liquids must be stored securely away from flame.

7) Masonry chimneys need bricks checked. Firmly support the roof.

8) Beds should not be placed near windows.

9) Glass bottles should not be placed on high shelves.

FAMILY EARTHQUAKE DRILLS will help you and your family plan and react; remembering where to seek shelter and how to protect yourselves.

1) Identify safe spots and places in each room.

A) Under a doorway, sturdy table, desk, or kitchen counter.

B) Against an inside corner or wall; cover head with hands.

C) Know and reinforce these locations by practice.

2) Beware of danger zones and stay clear of:

A) Windows that may shatter, including mirrors and picture frames.

B) Heating units, fireplace, stove, and area around chimneys.

C) Cabinets, refrigerators, and bookcases that may topple.

3) Practice safe quake actions:

A) Conduct drills, check reactions and choices.

Discuss what to expect following a major earthquake and be prepared:

1) To treat and take care of injuries.

A) To check for gas leaks and learn where and how to turn off the gas, power, and water at main switches and valves.

*For aftershocks and exiting the building.

**Remember to stay close and if separated to activate the emergency communication plan.

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