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Awareness: Create a plan and make known to all family members including procedures for before, during , and after an earthquake. Drill and practice with all members and neighbors. Conduct a hazard hunt of the home and surrounding environment for potential problems. Reduce risks where possible. Purchase earthquake insurance.

Location: Know the location of electric, water, and gas shut-off valves and supplies: First Aid Kit, Wrenches, Gas Valve, Food,Main Fuse Box, Radio, Water Valve, Water, Flashlight, Medication, Fire Extinguisher, Special Items, Supplies (gloves, shoes,clothes, pry bar), Organized in survival kits

Emergency Procedures: Educate for proper actions: first aid treatment, exiting, staying, evacuation, and an out of state phone contact (family/friend).
Contact Phone #( ) -
Know indoor and outdoor procedures during a quake.
Determine safety zones and escape routes.
Stay alert. Ensure the emergency plan is understood.
Retain control at all times.
Keep calm, think clearly, and act decisively.

Responsibilities: Be ready and able to respond. All family members and neighbors must be responsible for their actions. Your actions before are important. Preparedness is the key to survival.

Treatment: Be adaptable and flexible. Activate your plan. Follow procedures from practice and drill. Check for hazards and treat the emergency accordingly. Expect aftershocks to occur. Be part of the solution. "I know and understand this plan. I declare that I am prepared for an earthquake!"

Signed : (family, neighbors, friends)

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