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Article from the Elko Daily Free Press

Albert E. Sindlinger of Sparks, NV has compiled a book called Common Sense Survival Guides. He has written sections on how to prepare for nearly every possible natural disaster, ranging from fires, earthquakes, and floods to tornadoes and hurricanes. The book also includes first-aid advice and lists of what to stock up on to be prepared for disasters or social unrest. There are even tips about what to do in case of a terrorism threat or nuclear attack. " I created a general resource book," Sindlinger said, explaining that the book includes the advice of experts and information gleened from his own experiences. Sindlinger is a mathematics teacher at Traner Middle School, he also works summers for the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service fighting fires and handling other disasters. He came up with the idea for the book 15 years ago while working a fire season in California. He noticed that telephone books include mini-tips for dealing with certain emergencies but no one offered a comprehensive guide. In the old days, folks had more common sense but "people today appear to have lost this focus and frequently wait for others to help them instead of being prepared..." Sindlinger said. "If everybody used common sense, there would be no need for the book." Readers can take pages from his book that cover problems they might encounter, or make copies of the pages, and post them for quick reference. In addition to survival advice it includes a copy of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Ten Commandments. It is also designed as a family reference manual. Sindlinger now lives in Sparks, Nevada. He came to Nevada from Fresno, California in August of 1992 for his first teaching job after graduating from California State University of Fresno. Prior to going into education, he worked seasonally for the BLM and USFS throughout the western United States fighting fires and working for emergency services. He has also worked as a carpenter. In the off seasons he travels and has visited Central and South America, exploring Incan, Mayan, and Azrtec ruins. He is married to Ursula Powers-Sindlinger.

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